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For Foreign Cosmetics Suppliers

AINS-LAB INC. is an officially licensed cosmetics importer and working together with major cosmetics distributors and retail chain stores in Japan.
We offer technical services included solving various Japanese pharmaceutical regulations and most efficient logistics to our partners.
Also searching new products and quality control are our important tasks.

AINS-LAB INC. is purely independent from our partners or suppliers and we guarantee all of technical and marketing information are in absolute confidential even for our partners.
We never release any data which we have been given from manufactures or partners. We never reproduce or copy any products. These are our most strict policies.
We have made contracts with more than 100 partners and supported to import more than 200 brands cosmetics.

We have a membership of the Japan Cosmetics Industry Association and the Cosmetics Importers Association of Japan.

Work flow : Importing of cosmetics to Japan.

■ Step1: Preparation on documents.
We must check ingredients and printings on documents and products(or package artwork data) under the Japanese law.
we cannot agree to go next step without our confirmation.

■ Step2: Preparation on applying to Japan.
we and our client make japanese product name and japanese indication for each product. We must submit regal documents of your products to Authority.we cannot agree go to next step without our confirmation.
(Our client have a final confirmation of their order. Please confirm that you must write only our company address on export documents(AWB or BL, Invoices, Packing list.)

■ Step3: Experiment.
Analysis experiment for ingredients in Japan.
We need to do above on your one product(at least 50g) per batch number with COA.
We cannot go to next step without acceptable results.

■ Step4: Import.

■ Step5: Apply law work by our chemist.

■ Step6: Delivery to our client.
It is only outline. If you need further
information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Inquiry E-mail form

Note 1) Formula update.
If you update formula of any products, please inform it to us immediately.

Note 2) package indication of ingredients.
If your any products have difference on document and package, please inform this reason to us on document with your signature.